How To Deal with Money Stress

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May 17, 2018 by   Alex Ryan

‘Money stress’. The words alone can fill you with anxiety. Luckily, we’re here to help. Read on for our comprehensive guide on how to deal […]

10 Energy Saving Ideas For A Greener Home

With our planet coming under ever-increasing threat from global warming, people like you can help to save it. Small actions in the home, such as […]

Secured vs Unsecured Loans: A Quick Comparison

If you’re looking into getting a loan, the terms ‘unsecured’ and ‘secured’ will inevitably crop up all over the place. This is because it is […]

What is a Pre-Approved Loan? 5 Things You Need To Know

So you’ve heard about pre-approved loans. You imagine getting pre-approved feels like finding a crisp £20 note in the dark depths of an old jacket […]

Peer To Peer Lending: The Advantages and Disadvantages

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by   Alex Ryan

Peer to peer lending. You’ve probably heard people talk about it. But what is it really? What are some peer to peer lending advantages and […]

Funding Home Improvements: 5 Simple Steps To Getting A Loan

There’s no getting around it – unless you’re an absolute DIY genius, home repairs and renovations can be pretty expensive. Whether you’ve got urgent issues […]

What Is A Guarantor? 10 Guarantor Loan Facts You Should Know

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May 16, 2018 by   Claire Ben Chorin

For some people, getting a loan can be tricky. Maybe you’ve made some mistakes in the past, and have developed a bad credit history. Maybe […]

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Creditworthiness: Find Out How Lenders Really Score You

Believe it or not, your credit score is not what lenders use to decide whether to lend you money. What they really care about is […]

How To Consolidate Existing Debt Into One Loan

Do you have a few different loans you’re paying out currently? Wouldn’t it be great to merge these separate payments into one comfortable lump sum? […]

Adverse Credit: Loans For People With Bad Credit

If you have adverse credit, and need to borrow money, then you might be glad to hear that there are loans specifically for people with […]

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