We are Credibble

Our Mission

To empower real people to achieve their financial goals and finally make borrowing fair and affordable for all.

You have been led to believe your credit score is what matters if you want to borrow money. This is a sham. We now know that lenders don’t bother with your credit score, so why should you? Even with an excellent credit score, you can still be rejected for credit, and until now there’s been no clear way to understand what went wrong.

That’s where we come in. We aim to fix this broken system by giving everyone equal access to the financial facts. We have created a new Lender Score, that reflects the criteria lenders really use to assess you. We have also developed a Lender Report, breaking down each factor so you can see exactly where you may be falling short. Finally, we help you reach your goals with personalised guidance on how to boost your score. The best part? It’s all free.

How we make our money?

1. We provide your free Credibble Lender Score and Report.

With your permission, we get your credit file from Equifax and provide the tools to understand exactly what’s going on with your credit.

2. We make tailored recommendations.

We do the most comprehensive data analysis of your credit file in the UK. This means we can show you financial products you will be accepted for and the real rates that apply to you.

3. We provide your free Credibble Lender Score and Report.

If you take a product through our site, the bank or lender pays us a commission. So it doesn’t cost you a thing. We always prioritise products that are best for your pocket, not ours.

Transparency is at the heart of everything we do. Consumers deserve to make informed choices about their finances, and we will always put this first.

What happens when you can take charge of your personal finances?

The results are inCredibble.

Natwest Financial Conduct Authority