We are Credibble

Our Mission

To empower real people to achieve their financial goals and finally make borrowing fair and affordable for all.

Beyond a credit score

You have been led to believe your credit score is what matters if you want to borrow money. This is a sham. We now know that lenders don’t bother with your credit score, so why should you? Even with an excellent credit score, you can still be rejected for credit, and until now there’s been no clear way to understand what went wrong.

That’s where we come in. With our smart technology and industry know-how, we aim to make the rules of the borrowing game clear for everyone and provide access to the financial facts.

See. Fix. Borrow.

We aim to take you on a journey to financial success. Our tools allow you to see the problems on your credit file, fix them with personalised solutions and finally provide you with access to the best deals for credit cards, loans, life insurance and mortgages.

Checking never harms your credit rating.

We will appear as a soft search on your credit report, which is entirely normal. This never damages your credit rating.

The right tools for the job.

We have an ever expanding suite of tools to get your finances fitting-fit. 

      • Credit Builder allows you to build your credit rating from scratch.

      • Homebuyer simplifies your journey to mortgage success.

      • Dual ID Fraud Monitor continually watches over your credit file
        and email for threats to your personal data.

      • 24-Factor Credit Check shows you areas of your credit file that
        you need to improve.

What happens when you can take charge
of your personal finances?

The results are inCredibble.