Being harassed by Newlyn Plc bailiffs for the money you owe? We’ve compiled this article to provide all the information you need to stop them!

Who are Newlyn plc?

Newlyn plc is a debt collection agency based in the United Kingdom. The company specialises in recovering debts from individuals, businesses and other organisations. They work with creditors to try and make sure that their customers can pay back their debts in an effective manner.

Are they a legitimate company?

Yes, they are a legitimate company. The company was established in 2009 and has since become one of the leading debt collection agencies in the United Kingdom. They are also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a credit-brokerage firm, so they must adhere to strict guidelines regarding handling their customers’ debts.

Who does Newlyn plc collect debts for?

Newlyn plc collects debts for various creditors, including banks, building societies, credit unions, and utility companies. They also have agreements with many large organisations, such as the UK government and local authorities. Additionally, they have been contracted by some of the world’s leading brands to help them manage their debt portfolios.

What are my rights if Newlyn is chasing me for the debt?

If you owe money to Newlyn plc, you have certain rights that include being treated in a fair and transparent manner. Understanding the UK’s debt collection rules is important before engaging with the company. As per regulations, they must communicate clearly about your outstanding debts, clearly explain your different repayment options and give plenty of time for you to make payments. It is also their duty not to harass or use abusive language when attempting to recover a debt from an individual. Finally, they are legally required to handle all data related to an individual’s debt securely and confidentially. In addition, individuals who feel they are being mistreated or their rights violated can ask for help from external organisations such as Citizens Advice Bureau or The Money Advice Service (MAS).

Will Newlyn plc come to my home to collect debts?

No, Newlyn plc does not usually use field agents to collect debts from individuals. While they may contact debtors by telephone and email, they typically do not send representatives to their customers’ homes. However, in some cases, they may use field agents if required by law or a court has permitted them.

How will Newlyn plc chase me if I don’t pay the debt?

Newlyn plc will typically begin by sending debtors a reminder letter outlining the amount owed and the consequences of not paying. If payment is not made, they may contact debtors by telephone or email to discuss repayment options. They may take legal action if contact can’t be made or payments are still not made.

What should I do if Newlyn plc is chasing me for a debt?

If you are being chased by Newlyn plc for an outstanding debt, it’s important to act quickly and responsibly. Start by understanding your rights, the options available to you and any other informative help that might be available.

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What rights do they have?

Newlyn plc has the right to contact debtors directly by telephone and email to demand payment of outstanding debts. They also have the right to take legal action if payments are not made and can use field agents if required by law or with a court’s permission. Furthermore, they are legally obligated to handle all data relating to an individual’s debt securely and confidentially. However, individuals who feel their rights are violated must seek help from external organisations such as Citizens Advice Bureau or The Money Advice Service (MAS). Finally, they are obligated by the regulations to provide clear communication about debts owed, explain different repayment options and give plenty of time for debtors to make payments without using harassing or abusive language when attempting recovery.

What rights do I have?

As a debtor, you have the right to clear communication about your debts and ample time to make payments. You also have the right to seek help from external organisations such as Citizens Advice Bureau or The Money Advice Service (MAS) if you feel your rights are being violated. Furthermore, Newlyn plc is prohibited by law from using harassing or abusive language when attempting to recover a debt from an individual, and all data related to an individual’s debt must be handled securely and confidentially. Ultimately, it’s important to understand that informative and helpful strategies are available for responsibly managing your debt with them.

Newlyn PLC Frequently Asked Questions

No, they are not a court bailiff. However, they have the right to use field agents if required by law or with a court’s permission. Field agents work on behalf of Newlyn’s debt collection team and may visit the debtor’s property to discuss repayment options. It is important to note that these field agents must adhere to the same rules and regulations as Newlyn plc regarding data security and respectful communication.

A statutory demand is a legal document served by Newlyn plc on an individual who owes them money. A statutory demand usually requires payment within 21 days, and failure to comply with the demand can lead to legal proceedings. It is important to understand your rights and obligations when receiving a statutory demand from Newlyn plc and always seek advice from external organisations such as Citizens Advice Bureau or The Money Advice Service (MAS) if needed.

They can be contacted by telephone, email or post. Their main contact number is 0800 077 1127, and their email address is They also have a dedicated customer service team available to answer queries and provide assistance with enquiries. Customers can send correspondence to their registered office address: Newlyn plc, 7th Floor, 20-22 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4JS.

If you ignore your debts, they may choose to start legal proceedings against you. This could mean they will take you to court for a County Court Judgement (CCJ) or High Court Judgement (HCJ) against you. This could lead to enforcement action, such as the bailiffs being called in to collect the debt or your wages being garnished. It is important to understand that Newlyn plc has an obligation, under law, to provide clear communication about debts owed and explain different repayment options before taking legal action. Therefore, seeking help immediately is important to avoid this situation.

Yes, in some cases, you may be able to write off your debts. This could include any debts that are more than six years old or which have been deemed as ‘unenforceable’. For debt to be unenforceable, the creditor must have either failed to issue a statutory demand within the requisite time period or failed to provide the debtor with adequate information. If you have any queries about writing off your debts with Newlyn plc, it is advisable to seek help from an external organisation such as Citizens Advice Bureau or The Money Advice Service (MAS).

They provide debt collection services to various organisations, including local authorities, banks and other creditors. They also provide a specialist service to companies in the financial services industry, such as credit card companies, loan providers and mortgage lenders. In addition to this, Newlyn plc offers its services to businesses which are owed money by an individual or company.

Complaining to Newlyn plc about their debt collection services is easy. All complaints should be addressed in writing, either via email or post, to the company’s customer service team. The customer service team can be contacted via the following address: Newlyn plc, 7th Floor, 20-22 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4JS. Alternatively, email them at or call their customer service team on 0800 077 1127. It is important to keep records of any correspondence with Newlyn plc and ensure that all complaints are made in writing.

If you are dissatisfied with how Newlyn plc has dealt with your complaint, it is important to escalate it. You can do this by contacting the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), and they may be able to help you satisfactorily resolve the issue. Alternatively, if Newlyn plc has failed to adhere to legal requirements or treated you unfairly during the process, seeking further legal advice or taking them to court may be possible. It is recommended that before taking any action, you should speak to an external advice agency such as Citizens Advice Bureau or The Money Advice Service (MAS). They will be able to provide informative and helpful guidance on how best to handle the situation.

Newlyn plc offers various payment options, such as credit card payments, debit card payments and direct bank transfers. Additionally, customers may be able to pay via cash or cheque if they visit one of their collection offices in person. Customers can also set up scheduled or recurring payments to help manage the debt more effectively. If you have any queries about payment methods or repayment plans, contact Newlyn plc’s customer service team on 0800 077 1127 for further assistance.

Yes, Newlyn plc is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is subject to their oversight. The FCA supervise financial services firms in the UK and ensures they comply with all applicable regulations. As such, Newlyn plc must adhere to the FCA’s standards for handling customer complaints and ensure that customers are treated fairly. If you have any concerns about how Newlyn plc handled a debt collection matter, it is possible to make a complaint directly to the FCA.

Newlyn plc follows the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations. These regulations require that debt collection firms operate in a fair and professional manner and adhere to certain practices. This includes ensuring that customers are informed of their rights and given adequate time to repay any debts they owe before legal action is taken. Newlyn plc must also notify customers of any debt, detailing how much is owed and when the repayment should be made. In addition, customers must be allowed to discuss their debts with Newlyn plc before any legal action is taken. A customer may complain or take legal action if these regulations are not followed.

They have a well-established reputation for providing customers with a fair and professional service regarding debt collection. They have experienced staff members who are knowledgeable and experienced in the field, ensuring that customers receive informative advice and guidance on managing their debts. They also have strict internal policies that ensure they comply with FCA regulations and that all customers receive fair service. Customers have reported positive experiences dealing with them, highlighting the company’s commitment to providing an exemplary debt collection service. Click here to see how other people in debt have rated Newlyn plc.

A bailiff is a court-appointed individual responsible for the legal collection of debts. They have the authority to seize any goods or property from a debtor to repay the debt and enter a person’s premises, provided they have written authorisation from the court. Bailiffs can also be instructed by Newlyn plc to assist with debt collection. However, they can only take action if all other options have already been exhausted. Customers should know that bailiffs can be very intimidating, and it is important to understand your rights before taking action. For more information, contact an independent advice service such as the Citizens Advice Bureau or The Money Advice Service.

Debt recovery services may send warning letters to notify customers of their overdue debt and the potential consequences they face if they do not pay. These letters typically outline the amount owed, indicate how long the customer has to pay, and state that legal action may be taken if payments are not received by a certain date. These warning letters are intended to allow customers to make the necessary payments before legal action is taken. However, this does not guarantee that legal proceedings will not be initiated. Therefore, it is important for customers to seek advice and consider any options available to them to avoid costly court fees.

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