Who are Pastdue Credit Solutions?

Pastdue Credit Solutions is a debt collection agency that assists creditors in recovering payments from individuals with outstanding debts. Founded in 2011, the company has grown to become an industry leader in debt collection solutions and is one of the nation’s top providers of debt recovery services.

Are Pastdue Credit Solutions a legitimate company

Pastdue Credit Solutions is a legitimate company and one of the nation’s top providers of debt recovery services. Their staff consists of highly trained professionals who specialise in debt collection. They are known for being persistent but friendly, and they understand the delicate nature of the situation.

Why am I being contacted by Pastdue Credit Solutions?

You may be contacted by Pastdue Credit Solutions if you owe money to a creditor and have not made the required payments. Pastdue Credit Solutions is responsible for collecting unpaid debts on behalf of creditors. They will typically contact you by mail or phone, informing you of your debt and asking you to make arrangements to pay off the balance in full.

What companies use Pastdue Credit Solutions?

Various businesses and organisations use Pastdue Credit Solutions, from large corporations to small local businesses. These companies turn to the debt collection agency when their customers cannot make timely payments. This service allows creditors to recover funds that would otherwise be lost due to delinquency or defaulting on loans.

Common types of businesses that utilise Pastdue Credit Solutions include banks, credit unions, medical providers, utility companies, and telecommunications providers.

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Can Pastdue Credit Solutions take me to court?

Pastdue Credit Solutions may take you to court if you cannot pay back your debt. This is because they have a legal right to pursue the money that is due to them. Pastdue Credit Solutions typically begins by sending out written notices, and making phone calls and emails, before taking the matter to court.

What action can Pastdue Credit Solutions take against me?

Pastdue Credit Solutions has a variety of methods that they can use to pursue payment from an individual. These methods vary depending on the nature of the debt and the creditor involved but generally include some combination of written communication, phone contact, and legal action.

For example, if you have missed payments on a credit card or loan, Pastdue Credit Solutions may send you a demand letter. This letter will explain the nature of your debt, how much is owed and what actions will be taken if payment is not received.

In some cases, Pastdue Credit Solutions may also pursue legal action against you. This could include filing a lawsuit or even garnishing your wages.

I don’t think I owe any money.

If you don’t think you owe Pastdue Credit Solutions any money, it is important to understand your rights and the dispute resolution process. It is within your rights to dispute the debt if there is an error or if you believe it has been paid off in full.

Providing documentation and evidence to support your claim is important when disputing a debt. This could include a copy of a cancelled check, proof of payment, or other documents that prove you have already settled the debt in full. Click here to see how others rate Pastdue Credit Solutions.

When communicating with Past Due Credit Solutions, it is important to be respectful and courteous. You also have the right to request information about the debt, such as its origin and any fees that have been added on.

What should I do if they contact me?

If you are contacted by, it is important to stay calm and take steps to ensure you know your rights. It is advisable to ask the debt collector for the details of the debt and make sure this information matches up with what you have on record. If there have been any mistakes or discrepancies in the past, you should bring those up to the debt collector and provide any necessary evidence.

You should also look into ways of managing your debt, such as setting up a payment plan or speaking with a financial advisor about available options. Many resources are available to help individuals manage their debts and avoid similar situations in the future.

How do I contact them?

Pastdue Credit Solutions is a debt collection agency that helps businesses and organisations recover unpaid debts from customers. The contact details for this company vary depending on the nature of the debt and the creditor involved but typically include some combination of written communication, phone contact, and legal action.

Written communication, such as demand letters, is often the first step debt collectors take when attempting to recover unpaid debts. It is important to read the content of any letters you get carefully, as this will provide information about the debt’s origin and the options for resolving it.

For phone contact, Pastdue Credit Solutions may be contacted at a designated number or a toll-free number. It is important to note that debt collectors cannot call before 8 am or after 9 pm and are prohibited from using abusive language or harassing tactics when trying to collect a debt.

1 Blair Court
North Avenue
Clydebank Business Park
G81 2LA

Their main contact number is 0141 951 4077. Other numbers include 0141 570 3200, 0844 811 3701 or 0141 951 6447.

Website: www.pastduecredit.co.uk

Email: info@pastduecredit.co.uk

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