Dealing with Fredrickson International can be an extremely intimidating and frustrating experience. If you owe money to them, it may seem like there is no way out, and you are powerless against their harassment and threats. However, this does not have to be the case!

This article will discuss various strategies for stopping them from harassing or threatening you. We will also explain your rights as a consumer regarding debt collection practices and offer practical steps for resolving outstanding debts with them. By the end of this article, you should feel empowered to take control of your financial situation and make sure that Fredrickson International respects your rights while trying to collect any outstanding debts.

Who is Fredrickson International?

They are one of the world’s leading international financial services companies. Founded over a century ago, Fredrickson International has provided individuals, businesses and governments with financial solutions for decades. They offer customers various services, from personal and business loans to investments and money transfers.

How are Lowell Group and Fredrickson International connected?

Lowell Group is a financial services provider that partners with Fredrickson International, providing debt collection and foreclosure services. Lowell Group helps them to manage their customer accounts and ensure they receive payments promptly.

Why am I being chased by Fredrickson International?

Owing money to Fredrickson International can be a daunting and stressful experience. If you’ve defaulted on a loan, you may find the target of aggressive collection tactics from the company’s debt collectors, which are often difficult to manage and navigate.

The reasons for being chased by them vary, but the most common cause is a failure to make timely payments. This can be due to financial difficulties or any other number of reasons. Whatever the situation, it’s important to take action so that you don’t fall into further debt.

How can Credibble help me?

Dealing with debt can be overwhelming, especially when debt collectors or bailiffs are involved. Don’t panic! The Credibble Team is here to help. We can help you to stop proceedings and reduce the cost of your debt for free.

We offer a unique debt solution service partnered with Equifax, a world leader providing consumer credit report data. This means we have instant access to all your major debt without you having to search through your paperwork. Furthermore, we’re supported by the Natwest Accelerator Programme for business and have a multiyear relationship with the organisation. Our extensive and unique personal finance knowledge goes far beyond debt solutions – so you can trust that you are in safe hands.

Who does Fredrickson International collect debts for?

Various companies use Fredrickson International, including banks, credit unions, debt collection agencies, and other financial institutions. Many large multinational corporations also utilise Fredrickson International for their global money transfers.

Can they take me to court?

They have the authority to collect a debt, which includes taking legal action and potentially taking a debtor to court. If a debtor has failed to make payments or cannot come to a payment agreement with Fredrickson International, they may seek legal advice or even pursue a court order that requires the debtor to pay their debts in full.

What action can they take against me?

They are allowed to take action against a debtor to collect a debt. This can include freezing bank accounts, sending letters and emails demanding payment, or even taking legal action. If legal action is taken, the debtor may be subject to court-ordered repayment plans, wage garnishments, or asset seizures.

What are my repayment options?

If you owe money to them, several options are available for repaying your debt. Depending on the amount owed, it may be possible to negotiate a payment plan with the company to make payments more manageable over time. Alternatively, if you have other sources of income, you may be able to make one-off payments or even apply for debt consolidation.

It’s important to note that any repayment plans should be agreed upon with Fredrickson International before any money is paid. This will help ensure that the terms are clear and avoid any confusion in the future.

I don’t think I owe Fredrickson International any money

If you believe that you do not owe Fredrickson International any money, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure that your debt is handled properly. It’s important to remember that this process can take time and may require careful consideration of the facts involved.

The first step is to contact them directly to discuss the situation. The company may be able to provide further information or even consider alternative repayment arrangements if you are unable to make payments. Remember, remaining calm and professional when discussing debt issues with Fredrickson International is important.

It is also possible to seek legal advice or even dispute the debt with them if necessary. This can be done through a formal letter outlining your dispute’s basis and including any supporting evidence.

Ultimately, it is important to remember that owing money to them does not need to be a scary or overwhelming experience. By taking positive steps and understanding your repayment options, you can successfully manage your debt and get back on track financially.

What should I do if Fredrickson International contacts me?

If Fredrickson International contacts you regarding an outstanding debt, it is important to remain calm and professional. Receiving communication from a debt collector can be intimidating, but responding promptly is important to ensure the matter is handled correctly.

How do I contact Fredrickson International?

Fredrickson International provides customers with various avenues to contact their support team. They can be contacted through their website, phone number, or by sending a letter of inquiry.
To contact them by post:
PO Box 260
KT13 0YH
Their contact number is: 0345 839 6261
They may contact you from the following numbers:

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