Looking to have your kitchen redone? A new kitchen can help breathe new life into your cooking and give you a better, more energy efficient space to work in. But a kitchen remodel isn’t cheap. Here’s some ideas for how to save money on a new kitchen.

Shop around

Don’t just take what a showroom tells you at face value. You may be able to get the same or a similar item for much less money if you do a bit of digging, whether it’s a cupboard, an oven or a set of drawers.

Some places may also offer to beat the price of others, so it can be worth haggling down a price to something more manageable!

Budget wisely

Create a budget and stick to it. Don’t let bells and whistles tempt you. Only ever buy what you’re going to use. If you’re not going to use it, don’t buy it. If something doesn’t work with your budget, strike it out as a possibility. This way you reduce the risk of finding yourself worse off, particularly when it comes to taking on debt.

Know where to shop

Some objects are better bought online than from showrooms. Showrooms use all sorts of sneaky tricks to make money. For example, a showroom might artificially inflate prices and then “slash” the price to its original market value, giving the illusion that the item you want is a bargain, when it really isn’t. Online retailers sell direct to consumers, so they feel less of a need to employ these tricks.

Know your bum from your elbow

A great way to save money on a new kitchen is of course to do your research. Find out roughly what items with the quality and finish you’re looking for should cost. This will give you a sense of when you’re being cheated. Often, showrooms rely on consumers lacking the nous to know how much things are really worth. If you come to them and demonstrate this nous, they’re more likely to cut you a deal – to shut you up, if nothing else!

Do you really need new things?

If you’re renovating your kitchen, it’s worth looking at what really does need replacing and what could just do with a lick of paint or varnish. That formica counter-top from the 1970s may be ratty, but your cabinets might just need painting. Maybe the linoleum on the floor could be replaced with some more modern wood or bamboo. Maybe the sink could do with replacing. But do you really need a new oven, a new fridge? Take into consideration what really needs changing out and what just needs some upcycling.

Be conservative with tiling

A backsplash is essential for the sink and the hob, but you probably don’t need the entire kitchen to be tiled. Consider having simple painted plaster around the work surface, and reserving the guards for the spaces that need it. This way you save on materials costs and labour costs. To have the entire kitchen tiled will require more time and energy on the part of your workers. Speaking of which…

Find a reliable tradesperson

These days, it seems like for every good, diligent trader there’s at least ten cowboys. That’s not necessarily true, though. There are plenty of good, reputable traders out there who are more than willing to help you renovate.

There are many websites out there to find tradespeople with good credentials and experience. Gone are the days of flipping through the Yellow Pages and hoping for the best!

Be wary of quotes that seem too good to be true. They probably are. Also, be willing to wait a while. A builder that is available too quickly should be a cause for alarm, as it indicates that they aren’t getting much business!

You should be especially wary of builders who come to you unsolicited. If they’re so desperate for work that they have to beg for it, they’re probably not very reliable.

Never pay a large deposit up front.

When you do find a builder, consider getting a solicitor involved when drawing up a contract. Many reputable builders will agree to a late penalty clause, meaning they agree to knock the price down or refund you the money you’ve already paid. This way you have peace of mind.

Mix and match

In some cases, you can mix a cabinet frame with a door and set of hinges from another company. Because you’re having to go to the extra length of sourcing a door that will fit with your frame, you can often get the items separately at a bargain price compared to the complete cabinet set. While it may cost extra on labour, it is worth totting up. In some cases, the savings can be in excess of £10,000.

Don’t be afraid of discount appliances

Some may hear “discount appliance” and think of something with wires hanging out of it that smells faintly of smoke. However, in many cases, you can buy appliances for bargain prices, simply because the manufacturer has brought out a new model, meaning they want to clear warehouse space of the old models as easily as possible.

This is true of cars, phones, computers and televisions, and it’s true of ovens and fridges as well.

“Discount” does not always mean “faulty”. It’s always worth asking sales representatives if they have any discontinued models they’re looking to shift. It could save you a bundle!

An older model of fridge or oven might lack a few nifty features found in newer models, but if all you need is something to keep bevvies cold and cook food, maybe you don’t need this year’s model.

And finally…

Keep your expectations realistic. If you live in a mid-range household, you’re not going to live like the Kardashians, with their well-organised room-sized pantries. Ensure your kitchen suits your needs within the budget you’ve set. Concern yourself less with aesthetics and showiness, and more with a space to suit your cooking needs.

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