How to save money on a new kitchen

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August 22, 2022 by   Robert Edwards

Looking to have your kitchen redone? A new kitchen can help breathe new life into your cooking and give you a better, more energy efficient space to work in. But a kitchen remodel isn’t cheap. Here’s some ideas for how to save money on a new kitchen.

The Brink of a Summer of Discontent and the Cost of Living Crisis

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August 10, 2022 by   Oliver Rose

Currently in Britain we ate going through a cost of living crisis which is effecting everyone. We could also be set for recession and a “summer of discontent”. In this article we will be looking at the causes of these, what the government could do and how you make make a little extra money to help.

Save energy, save money

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August 4, 2022 by   Robert Edwards

There’s no getting away from it. There’s a global energy crisis. In this article, we’ll explore a few ideas that could help you save energy.

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10 Best Tips for Saving Money

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July 28, 2022 by   Oliver Rose

Moneys tight at the moment what with the rise in prices and inflation. People are struggling more to pay for their essentials and their bills. In this article we list the 10 best money saving tips to help you out.

How much should you spend on a first car?

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July 11, 2022 by   Robert Edwards

You’ve just passed your driving test. It’s time to take that big red L off your car and replace it with a green P. So here’s the question: how much should you spend on a first car?

How to save money on transport in London

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July 4, 2022 by   Robert Edwards

If you live in London, you might be looking for ways to save money. Here’s a few tips and tricks to save money on transport in London.

How credit unions can help you save

Don’t overlook credit unions as a way of saving money! In this article we’ll be going over everything you need to know about credit unions.

Tips to Save Money After the Energy Bill Rise

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February 28, 2022 by   Oliver Macmillan

With the energy bill increase looming we offer you some quick and simple ways to save a bit of money on your energy bills.

“You need more condoms during the recession”, and other things …

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September 25, 2019 by   admin

This book is a fantastic way to up your knowledge of money and how to handle it. You’ll learn about renting, buying a house, debt, […]

Family Budgeting: 11 handy money saving tips

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November 22, 2018 by   Laura Oxley

Introduction to Family Budgeting It can be hard to keep track of your spending each month with a busy family lifestyle. What with the children […]

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