In April 2022 millions of Britons saw a substantial energy bill increase. This increase was upwards of £693 which will have a massive impact on many families. This along with the current economic situation means that many people will certainly be feeling the pinch. In this post we will be going through different ways to save money on your bills. These will be quick and easy tips which will aim to send you some of your money.

Draft Proofing

Firstly, one way you can save money is by making sure you have draught proof doors and windows. A lot of homes in Britain are very old, being built in the late Victorian era, the 1930s and the 1960s. With these homes being so old this means that they are susceptible to draughts. This means that to combat the draughts you will have to have constant heating throughout the house. You can either have this done professionally which will cost some money or you can do it as a DIY job. This will mean that you will save money on heating and needing to fight against the draught.

Bigger Bulks in Washing

Another way you could save money is by not using your washing machine as much. Now obviously you need to keep your clothes and such clean and smelling nice. However, we often see a lot of people washing a few clothes in the washing machine. Instead, you should aim to wash a big load of clothes in one sitting as this will save on electricity. Another way you could save on your electricity bill is by hand washing your clothes. This can be done by using the sink or bath, depending on the load, and washing them with warm water and washing detergent. Avoiding use of the tumble dryer, particularly in summer, will save you money on your electricity bills as well.

Small yet Simple Money Savers

Finally, we will be listing off some quick and simple money savers. Whilst they are small, they will make the difference, especially if all done together. Swapping a bath for a shower is one way that will save you money on your water bill. This is because you use far less water in a shower lasting a few minutes then you would a bath. Of course, a bath occasionally won’t hurt but having showers most of the time will knock off a bit of money on your bill.

Another thing that many people are guilty of is leaving lights on in empty rooms. Sometimes lights can be left on for hours at a time with no one in the room. By simply turning these lights off when you aren’t in the room you can save money on your electricity bills. For such a simple saving technique it makes sense to save this money when possible.

Our last tip is again an easy way to save money on your energy bill. This is by making sure that you turn off the plugs on appliances that you aren’t using. This includes toasters, kettles, hair dryers and leaving your TV on stand by. Although you may not be using them by leaving the plug on electricity is still being used. Whereas if you remember to turn the plug off once you finished using the appliance you would be able to save a nice amount of money on your energy bills.


In conclusion we know that a lot of people won’t be having to pay more for their energy bill. That is understandable as it means less money for your own personal expenditure or even less money when it comes to saving. However, with these tips we hope it will lessen the blow when the increase comes in April.

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