Everybody loves a holiday. The joy of going to a new country to experience the food, culture or hot weather. If it were possible, we would go on as many holidays as possible as there are so many great places to explore. However, as we are experiencing record levels of inflation it begs the question can I afford to go on holiday? And if so, where can I go on holiday? Well in this article we look at this and see where the best place is to go.

A Holiday Abroad

The most desirable sort of holiday is obviously one abroad. This allows for a very long list of possible places. However, if we look at most places that aren’t in Europe, they do become expensive. For the sake of this article, we will look at various places in Europe as these are typically the cheapest.

A Beach Holiday

One of the most popular holidays is your typical beach holiday in a sunny country. Luckily there are plenty of these across Europe. One example is Tenerife which is a popular island near Spain. Tenerife is surrounded by lovely sandy beaches, which makes a change compared to the stone filled ones in Britain. The issue is that during July and August they are not only at their busiest but at their most expensive. However, one trick would be to either go a bit earlier or later in the year.

We went on Jet2Holidays and filtered in a week’s holiday to Tenerife. This would be flying from London Stansted and would be for one room with two adults. The average price in August ranged from £800-£900. Alternatively, the average price in September, where its still hot, was as low as £550.

A Party Holiday

Younger people typically like to go to party holiday destinations. These places usually include lots of pubs, clubs and drinking events such as boat parties. These are also very popular in the high months of July and August and are filled with people. However, we see the same problem as we did earlier in that it becomes more expensive. So once again we would recommend going in either June or September. I went to Magaluf in late June this year for 8 days with 6 adults in two rooms. This only cost me £450 which was good value, and it was still filled with people partying. By going a bit earlier, you don’t miss out on anything, and you save yourself a couple £100.

A City Break

One of the best things about Europe is the vast number of cities we have. We have places such as Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, Vienna and Prague. All of these offer great experiences with restaurants, bars, history and culture and are all highly recommended. One positive about a city break too is the fact that unlike a beach holiday you can still go during the cooler months. We all know that 30 degrees in a city and 30 degrees on a beach are very different and to some its unbearable. This is why its always a viable option to go in either late spring or early autumn.

Using TUI, we searched for a week’s holiday in Berlin in the middle of September. This would still make it warm during the days and would be for 2 adults. The average price for this came out to be around £400. Berlin is filled with history and culture and is one of the greatest city holidays possible and to be able to go for £400 is great value for money.

Another example we did was Budapest in December. Budapest is known for its popular Christmas markets, so we set it for mid-December for 2 adults. This came out to be on average £300. Yet again we are seeing another great deal and great value for money. Also due to the exchange rate things are cheap in Budapest meaning you won’t need as much spending money.


Staycations have become increasingly popular since the travel bans due to Covid. If you don’t know what a staycation is it is basically going on holiday somewhere else in Britain. For example, if you live in London you may go up to Manchester, Liverpool, or Brighton for a long weekend. It’s also more popular to stay in a local airbnb then it is a hotel, which can make it cheaper. We searched on Airbnb for five days in July for two adults in Newcastle. Newcastle is fairly popular among young adults due to its good night life. We were met with plenty of airbnbs on offer at an average of £200. With cheap airbnb’s like that you could have a great staycation for a decent price.

The Day Holiday

One new trend that is popular particularly on TikTok is the day holiday. This is where you fly off to any European destination in the morning and fly back home in the evening. Usually when looking at different flight companies you can find a flight that will land at 7am and leave at 11pm. This means that you would have 16 hours in Rome or Amsterdam to explore and see the sights. It is also incredibly cheap as plane tickets can vary from £15 to £30 making it very appealing.

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