The Stress Test

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August 24, 2022 by   Oliver Rose

The Bank of England has recently gotten rid of the stress test. In this article we take a look at what this means for borrowers, lenders and if it is a good idea

Is the Housing Market About to Stagnate?

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August 15, 2022 by   Oliver Rose

We have seen a large boom in the housing market for the past two years. Yet with the current economic situation and the threat of recession looming, will this cause a period of stagnation in the market?

The Time bomb of Mortgage Payments

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August 11, 2022 by   Oliver Rose

The Bank of England recently raised interest rates to the highest levels in 25 years. With this we are seeing the issue of how will people afford their mortgage payments? In this article we take a look at what these issues are and what people can expect.

Will it Become Easier Getting a Mortgage?

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August 4, 2022 by   Oliver Rose

The Bank of England is set to unveil a change in the mortgage application system. This change could see it become easier to get a mortgage. In this article we take a look at what this change is and what it spells out for people.

Self-Employed Mortgage: What You Need To Know

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July 22, 2022 by   Robert Edwards

If you’re self-employed, it’s not impossible to get a mortgage. However, you may find it more challenging to get a self-employed mortgage.

Getting a bad credit mortgage

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March 9, 2022 by   Robert Edwards

If you have bad credit, you might think that it’s impossible for you to get a mortgage. But this doesn’t have to be true.

Explaining the Big Bang

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February 7, 2022 by   Oliver Rose

In 1986 the big bang occurred at the London Stock Exchange. This would have a profound effect on the financial markets for years to come and indirectly effect the housing market. In this blog post we explain the causes of the big bang was and it’s consequences, both positive and negative.

What do lenders look for in a borrower?

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October 19, 2021 by   Robert Edwards

Many first-time buyers make the mistake of assuming that their credit score is everything. Not so. Here are a few other things to consider.

Guarantor mortgages: the risks and benefits

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September 22, 2021 by   Robert Edwards

Guarantor mortgages can be helpful if you’re a first-time buyer, but they’re not without pitfalls. Let us fill you in on the pros and cons.


Which type of mortgage is right for me? Mortgage types, simplified

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August 3, 2021 by   Robert Edwards

If you’re a first-time buyer, all the different types of mortgage can be confusing. In this post we aim to demystify mortgage types.

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