Hi Dibblers!

To maintain transparency with our users, we’ve decided to keep a development blog. We will aim to update it every two weeks. Since we officially went live two weeks ago on 11th Feb 2019, we have learnt a lot and made significant progress on developing features and fixing bugs. Without further ado, let us check our new features:

  1. New and improved booster scoring.
  2. Tweaks to the lender score, especially with hard credit searches.

And bug fixes:

  1. Fixed a bug when lender score shows A/excellent.
  2. Fixed an issue where hire purchase was not showing on lender score or lender report.
  3. Issues when changing password and email on profile page.

Upcoming features:

  1. Credit blockers.
  2. Streamlined registration process.
  3. Debt collection marker on your file.

That’s all for this week; we hope that you enjoy our product and that it gives you the insight you need to help build up your creditworthiness.


Credibble Development Team

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