For the past 10 years, we have all heard about PPI. Countless adverts urging us to claim, relentless cold calls asking us if we think we have it – it’s been like a bad smell that won’t go away. However, by August 29th 2019, it’ll do just that. Despite how we have been badgered unremittingly about PPI, it is an important endeavour to consider before the cut-off date. It’s true, you may genuinely have been mis-sold PPI and are entitled to a large refund, but how do you know if that’s the case?

How to start your PPI claim

It all starts with checking your credit report. Your credit file holds information about all the credit agreements you have paid off in the past 6 years, such as loans and credit cards – you could have been mis-sold PPI on any of these products. From this information, you can make a list of lenders to contact and start the ball rolling on PPI reclamation.

It is worth attempting to make a claim even if you do not think you are eligible for any refunds. There have been many cases where others have felt that way and have reclaimed thousands of pounds! It doesn’t negatively affect your credit rating or finances, so by claiming, you have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain. You can start right now by signing up to Credibble and reviewing all your credit agreements with us, it’s free! The benefits far outweigh the cons and you have nothing to lose. All you can do is gain and potentially gain a large sum of money from mis sold PPI. Start your PPI claim today with your credit report today before it is too late.

Last updated by Oliver Macmillan, May 2022

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