Introduction to the cladding scandal

Almost five years ago in June 2017 we witnessed the most horrific fire seen in a tower block for years. The Grenfell Tower fire touched thousands of people and caused a national scandal. The scandal surrounded the use of metal cladding that had been placed around the fire block. This cladding exacerbated the fire causing it to spread quicker throughout. Results from this caused more damage and costed many more lives of the people who lived in Grenfell Tower.

With this revelation of the dangers of cladding, countless councils found that tower blocks in their areas were also covered in this flammable cladding. Soon after the tragedy the government announced a scheme that would remove and replace the dangerous cladding. However, recent government announcements has caused controversy among residents with regards to the cladding. In this article we will be looking at what these issues are and what the government are trying to do.

The Governments Plan to tackle cladding

The government has announced that it will contribute £5 billion to address the issues surrounding the metal cladding. 35 of the biggest buildings in the country have pledged to fix all buildings they have built over the past 30 years. It has also insisted that new powers will be created to allow enforcement on any companies that refuse to sign up to this scheme.

What are the Problems?

One main concern among residents is that it is quite vague and that not much will be done. Due to a lack of a timescale being introduced many believe that property developers will simply drag it out. This way property developers will be able to avoid paying out for various costs. Another fear among residents and leaseholders is that the cost will fall to them. Nearly all residents won’t be able to pay for these repairs and a lot of them feel as though they shouldn’t pay.

This along with the fact that plenty of these tower blocks by companies that aren’t listed has left many people worried. Worry about when their flat will be made safe or if they will at all. Residents have requested that more detail and guarantees are made by the government. These would consist of a time frame of when these repairs will be made, who will pay and what will happen to those companies that aren’t listed.

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